Hi, I'm Sara Anderson

Quick question: How long have you been burning the midnight oil because there's always one more thing to do?

Feeling fried? Fed up? Absolutely exhausted? Tired of everything & everyone?

How long have you been burning the candle at both ends because you're caring for aging parents and kids while juggling work from home?

Have you been fantasizing about throwing in the towel? Resigning? Because no one gets how much you give....

If this is you, welcome! You're definitely in the right place.

For over 20 years I have worked with women just like you who are balancing ALL. THE. THINGS while feeling completely out of balance.

Together, we can fix that.

Here’s How I Can Help

Using cutting edge neuroscience-backed interventions, I'll show you how to simply and quickly RECLAIM your LIFE BALANCE without throwing in the towel.



As women, no one taught us how to release stress, complete a stress cycle, and prevent chronic stress buildup.

Without knowing what to do, you try to get a break with what I call "The 5 Deadly Sins":

Sip, Shop, Scroll, Stream, Snack.

Unfortunately, the Sins only take the edge off for so long.

Stress returns unless you learn to release it in the moment, each and every day.

Between transformative exercises, easy strategies, and a continued plan for stress-relief, you'll experience a calming, stress-clearing, soul-affirming jump-start to help you end the stress cycle and chronic stress that is keeping you depleted and overwhelmed.



You might have heard on TikTok that it takes 3-6 years to recover from burnout.

It doesn't.

In just a few months you can be on the path to fully recover.

~ Go from being utterly exhausted to supercharged and refreshed

~ Move from complete mental drain to soulfully serene without brain fog.

~ Restore your life balance so you are no longer overworked and overloaded, but are joyfully connected to what you most love and to the people you love most.



Sometimes called Performance Anxiety, performance stress interferes with your ability to show up at your best.

Whether you're a musician, an executive charged with making presentations, or an entrepreneur who's shy about going live, performance stress may be stopping you in your tracks.

The stress of performing--of risking possible judgment--is the #1 fear.

When fear is triggered, stress hormones flood your body, overwhelming your senses, making you mind go blank, causing a "YIP" or a moment of freeze.

We'll specifically target the fear and stress and teach your brain and body to show up calmly, confidently, and at your best.

  • Wrap up each day feeling deeply satisfied and relaxed, loving this life you've built.

  • Let's make that happen

For the longest time I think I have been telling myself it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, I have a lot going on.  Though that is true I was dismissing the signs of burnout.

Since working with Sara, I not only have physical energy, but emotional energy to connect with friends, complete tasks--I have freedom to participate in my life in a way that was not available before. Thank you, Sara!" 

- NISA G. -


Right about now you might be wondering what qualifies me to work with you.

I've been a psychotherapist licensed in the state of Georgia for over 20 years. I have been triple-board certified in addiction, play therapy, and mental health before moving my practice primarily to coaching. I am extensively trained in stress reactions and resolution using such techniques as EMDR, Brainspotting, Havening, and yoga, which I actively use in both coaching and counseling. I am also certified as a neuroscience-backed Peak Performance and Flow Coach.

I provide online coaching to powerful women leaders who are working 50+ hours per week and are struggling with the overwhelm and exhaustion of burnout.

I believe that every woman deserves a well-lived life, filled with dreams, aspirations, goals, plans, joy, and connection.

Once upon a time I was a burned out, exhausted, cynical, depleted therapist. None of my training had taught me how to protect myself from stress, burnout, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

So I learned. I sought help. I implemented. I changed. My life became good and joyful.

I'd love to help you live the good life, too.