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Helping Performers Conquer Performance Anxiety

Whether you're a Creative, Writer, Musician, Actor, Business Owner, or C-Suite Executive, your performance matters. Perform your best without performance anxiety ruining it.

Is anxiety holding you back?

Are you worrying about or dreading an upcoming performance? Do you feel frozen? Stuck?

Is your writing or creative process stunted because you're second-guessing yourself?

When you're asked to present, perform, or speak in front of others, do you have butterflies? Feel nauseous? Does your pulse race, heart pound, palms sweat, knees shake?

Does your mouth go dry? Voice tremble? Throat tighten?

Are you overwhelmed with worry that you'll say the wrong thing or look stupid when showing up on video for your business, speaking in the board room, or presenting to potential clients?

Are you anxious that you'll forget your entrance, the refrain, or the words when performing in front of others?

Is your anxiety holding you back from pursuing the dreams and goals you have?

If any of this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

I help creatives, musicians, C-suite executives, and small business owners overcome performance anxiety and silence the inner critic so that you can show up fully without anxiety holding you back.

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Here's How I Can Help

Online coaching and counseling using psychosensory, neuroscience-based interventions and techniques so...

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Peformance Anxiety never ruins another performance.

The Inner Critic stops rearing its ugly head and causing more distress and anxiety.

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Stress resiliency is expanded and you can perform at your highest level without worrying about freezing up or having another "yip."

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Feedback from Clients

As a professional musician, I'm used to being on stage. But not long ago I had a bit of a yip and I've been experiencing more anxiety about performing. Working with Sara helped me resolve the core of this so quickly. I'm back to playing well without that inner critical voice telling me I might mess up again.

~ S.K.

Sara is one of the most intuitive professionals I've ever met. She knew exactly how to help me calm my anxious mind and body. No more flooding of panic and fear before presenting to my team and company-wide. I feel calm, confident, and powerful. Couldn't ask for better results!

~ G.A.

I felt so stuck. Each word I wrote, the drunk monkey mind criticized. Sara helped to free me. I'm writing again, without inhibilition, and producing incredible materials. Without doing this work with Sara, I believe I'd still be stuck.


Hi! I'm Sara Anderson.

Listen, I totally get how debilitating performance anxiety is. I was once an aspiring singer / actor... until anxiety coursed through my body, making me freeze at any thought of getting up on stage, followed by the inner critic that rehashed every missed note and misspoken word, reminding me in the dark of night how much I'd messed up.

So I went to graduate school to figure out how to perform without being stopped or stumped by anxiety. The more I learned, the more I realized I could help others step into their power and purpose.

Turns out, there are some really cool, cutting edge, neuroscience techniques that can get to the root of performance anxiety, silence the inner critic, and get you looking forward to your next speech, presentation, or performance.

And for peak performers, creatives, actors, and musicians who might have experienced a little "yip" or moment of "freeze" during a performance... these cutting edge techniques can free you up quickly, allowing you to get back to doing what you do best.

I've been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. I am also a high performance Flow coach who specializes in peak performance while helping my clients prevent burnout, silence the inner critic, and crush performance anxiety.

I have expertise in neuroscience techniques, psychosensory modalities, mindfulness, self-compassion, stress reduction, peak performance, and anxiety.


Here are the details:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia #004510
  • Certified Addiction Counselor, Georgia
  • Master Addiction Counselor, Georgia
  • Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor (retired)
  • Neuroscience-backed Peak Performance Coach, Flow Research Collective
  • EMDR 1 & 2
  • Brainspotting
  • Havening Techniques Certified Practitioner
  • HeartMath Certified Clinical Provider
  • Certified Yoga Teacher


My passion is helping my clients show up fully, without holding back, and without performance anxiety, burnout, or the inner critic stopping them.


One of my favorite techniques is called Havening.

Havening is a neuroscience-based, psychosensory approach that works at the brain and body level and allows for rapid change. Clients quickly build a strong sense of confidence, optimism, resiliency, enthusiasm, and excitement about their ability to perform in front of others.

This means that the brain is no longer operating from anxiety; you're no longer freezing, experiencing a yip, or being flooded with anxiety that overwhelms your body.

Rather, you'll build resiliency using neuroplasticity and Havening Techniques. Because the brain and body are re-trained to operate from a place of calm confidence, you will perform at an optimal level.

I synthesize a customized approach for my clients that includes Havening, EMDR, Brainspotting, Mindfulness Stress Reduction, Self-Compassion, Meditation, Breathwork, and HeartMath techniques so you are able to move quickly past performance yips, anxiety, and freezes and feel your best while performing at your highest level.

Whether you're introducing yourself in a crowd, speaking up during a meeting, presenting to stakeholders, performing on stage, or writing for a new publication, you'll feel strong and confident.

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